Vanpool may be an option for a larger group of employees (5-15) that live greater distances from their work sites.  If you live at least 15 miles away from work, you are eligible to participate in a vanpool. Capitol Rideshare will pay a monthly subsidy to cover the lease cost for each eligible state employee who participates in a qualifying vanpool; employees will be responsible for paying their portion of the fuel costs. Valley Metro, through a contract with Enterprise, furnishes vans to registered commuter groups. Valley Metro's vanpool video and the Valley Metro vanpool webpage provide additional details about participating in the vanpool program.  

Contractors may participate in a vanpool, but the travel reduction program cannot pay subsidies for their participation.

Participating in a Vanpool

If you work at a large site, this might be an ideal setting to seek others who are interested in forming a vanpool. Work with your agency’s Travel Reduction Coordinator to recruit additional riders for a vanpool. Ask to post a vanpool riders wanted form on the break room bulletin board or in another employee common area. If you do not work at a large site or cannot find coworkers at your workplace who live near you, then be sure to register  for a free account at Capitol Rideshare RideAmigos to find potential pooling partners among other state employees. Likewise, Valley Metro offers a ridematching service through

Vanpool Coordinator

Each vanpool must have a coordinator who is responsible for the vehicle, making vanpool payments and completing the monthly vanpool subsidy report. The coordinators collect fuel funds from the passengers. The coordinator is usually the primary driver. All potential drivers must meet minimum qualifications to drive a van for the vanpool:

  • Minimum age of 25 years
  • No more than three driving record points in the last three years
  • No DUI, at-fault accidents, or hit and run citations
  • Valid Arizona driver’s license
  • Good credit rating
  • Be punctual, reliable and drive safely.

Serving as the vanpool coordinator is a significant responsibility; potential drivers should carefully consider the Vanpool Driver responsibilities before applying to drive.

Once the group has enough participants (a minimum of six), the driver should contact Valley Metro or Enterprise to get a quote and start the process. The driver will need to complete a background check, which will take about two weeks.

Valley Metro contact: Angie Wilkie, [email protected]. Enterprise contact: Rick MacNeal, [email protected].


Capitol Rideshare offers qualified state employees a monthly subsidy to cover their portion of the vanpool lease fee, which is paid directly to the vanpool vendor (Valley Metro’s contractor, Enterprise). Employees are responsible for paying for fuel. Once you have joined a vanpool, fill out the employee vanpool subsidy application and return it to Capitol Rideshare:  

Email: [email protected]

Mail or interoffice delivery:

Capitol Rideshare

100 N. 15th Ave., Suite 301

Phoenix, AZ 85007

Frequently Asked Questions

Please click here for a list of frequently asked questions regarding driver qualifications, driver responsibilities, passenger responsibilities, rules that govern vanpools and other related issues.