Commuter Club Powered by RideAmigos

If you use an alternate mode at least twice a week (transit, carpool, telework, bike, walk, vanpool, compressed work week), you are eligible for Commuter Club membership powered by RideAmigos. There is no cost to join. Membership is available to State of Arizona employees in Maricopa County (non-university). Benefits include an emergency ride home from work through Lyft, trip planning options on the RideAmigos dashboard, trip logging to track money and pollution saved, and opportunities to win prizes! 

To join, please register through the Capitol Rideshare RideAmigos platform.  Please provide all requested information and use your work email address when setting up your account (only state email domains have been approved for membership). Failure to provide all information will result in delay or denial of the request.

Signing up for Commuter Club on RideAmigos video

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Emergency Ride Home

The primary benefit of Commuter Club is to offer employees who use alternate modes of transportation an emergency ride home (ERH), up to twice per fiscal year, for unexpected emergencies. Examples of qualifying emergencies include medical emergency, family medical emergency or the commuter’s carpool driver unexpectedly left early. ERH will return the employee to their car or their home. Please note: you must have a Lyft account to self-dispatch the ERH; Capitol Rideshare provides a voucher credit to pay for up to $50 for an emergency ride.

To use the emergency ride home:

  • Log into your RideAmigos account
  • Under My Rewards (bottom of your dashboard page), select Emergency Ride Home. 
  • When claiming an emergency ride home, you must indicate which alternative mode you took used that day, confirm that you are using an alternate mode at least twice per week, and indicate the nature of the emergency (sick at work, family emergency, carpool driver left early, or other). After completing this information, click Complete request. An automated email from [email protected] will be sent to your RideAmigos account email address (your work email). This email will contain a link to your Lyft code/voucher.
  • Click the link in the email. This will take you to an interface with the Lyft ride dispatch dashboard, where you will enter the phone number associated with your Lyft account to log in. Once you are logged in, you can request the emergency ride and use your code to credit your account for the cost of the ride (up to $50).  

Emergency Ride Home instructional video

Capitol Rideshare Calendars

The 2022 Capitol Rideshare calendars have been sent out to the agency travel reduction coordinators for distribution to Commuter Club members. Please contact your agency travel reduction coordinator as Capitol Rideshare staff does not send these out to individuals.