Travel Reduction Survey FAQs

Arizona Revised Statute §49-588 requires every major employer in Maricopa County to conduct this survey annually. Please consult ARS 49-588 for legal details.

Yes! We really need you to complete the survey so the State receives credit for your efforts.

Maricopa County uses this survey as a measuring tool to determine the percentage of State employees who are using alternate modes to get to work. Capitol Rideshare, in turn, has used this data to help obtain bus and vanpool subsidies for employees and has shared it with Valley Metro in order to create new bus routes and expand existing routes in recent years.

We have made every effort to list all agencies in Maricopa County and their addresses. Agencies are listed alphabetically; please carefully check the list for yours. Once you have selected your agency, the next prompt will autofill the addresses associated with that agency. If you cannot find your agency work address, simply select “A -Not Listed” and you will be asked to type in the required information.

Any State employee who commutes three or more days a week, at least six months out of the year, to a State building in Maricopa County, must fill out a survey.

If you work for an outside temporary agency, you do not need to complete this survey. However, if you receive a paycheck from the State and you are in a position that is filled (by either you or someone else) at least six months out of the year and you commute to a State building in Maricopa County, you must complete this survey.

No, contract workers are not eligible to receive Rideshare incentives and therefore are not required to complete this survey.

Yes! We really need you to complete the survey because you are saving commute miles every day. Please see related questions below for guidance on completing the survey. Please note: If you are permanently working from outside the state of Arizona, you should not take the survey.

Select the work address that you used to drive to prior to becoming a virtual worker. If you were hired as a virtual worker, select your agency’s main headquarters.

Please use Telecommute to indicate the number of days you work at home each week.

Use the number of miles you used to drive to your agency’s office prior to becoming a virtual worker. If you were hired as a virtual worker, use the number of miles between your home and your agency’s main headquarters. Indicate the amount of time it used to take you to drive to your agency’s office prior to becoming a virtual worker. (Even though you no longer drive these miles, they are miles saved because you are a virtual worker). An online tool such as Google maps can help estimate travel time—but this must be calculated during the time you would normally commute.

If your agency no longer requires you to drive to the office to start and end your day and instead allows you to log in from home, you may indicate your mode in Question 3 as Telework/Virtual Office. Then use the number of miles that you used to drive to your office for commute miles in Question 6.

Use the hours that you most frequently work.

If you work five days per week, your entries in Question 3 cannot total more than five. If you use two different modes every morning, you could indicate three for one mode and two for the other, or simply select the mode that represents the longest portion of your commute.

In Question 3 you should indicate whether you Drive Alone or Carpool and then in Question 4 indicate the type of Alternate Fuel you use.

Yes, there is a comment box after the last question. You will be able to enter your comments there.

Your EIN is for internal agency use only. It will not be sent to the County.

Capitol Rideshare will send the results to your Agency’s Travel Reduction Coordinator when they are received from Maricopa County. Capitol Rideshare will publish an agency report card on the the survey results page on the Capitol Rideshare website.

Please call Capitol Rideshare at 602.542.7433.