Electric Vehicles

With several automotive manufacturing companies offering a variety of options from economy to luxury, the public has been embracing hybrid and electric vehicles. For state employees who have invested in electric (EV) or plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEV), there are several options for charging these vehicles during the work day. ChargePoint has multiple charging stations at (or near) many state worksites, including properties in the Capitol Mall area. The ChargePoint website features an interactive map detailing where charging stations are located and the associated costs. Employees can enter their work address and find the closest charging station.

Drivers set up an account with ChargePoint, which has a network of more than 47,000 charging stations globally. Users can order a card or download an app onto their smartphones, which will allow them to plug in and use the charging stations. User fees vary by location; the online dashboard allows the users to enter their car make, model and year, then calculate a fee based on charging time at a particular location (some locations are free). The fees at the stations in the Capitol Mall area are $1.50 per hour for the first three hours and $5.00 per hour after; the higher rate serves as a deterrent to a single employee monopolizing the charging station. The phone app will alert the user when their charging time is up.

Employees driving zero-emission vehicles at least three times a week are eligible for Capitol Rideshare parking permits and Commuter Club membership.