Agency TRP Plans

State agencies are required to submit a site-specific Travel Reduction Plan (TRP) detailing the steps they will take to achieve their travel reduction goals. Each agency is responsible for achieving those goals through the implementation of commute reducing strategies.

The annual survey provides a detailed picture of employee commute habits at each agency's work site(s). Agency-specific survey data is utilized to evaluate the effectiveness of the agency’s Travel Reduction Plan and to ascertain the need for new or revised travel reduction measures.  The most recent results are available on the Travel Reduction Survey page of this website. Your agency's plan currently contains a number of standard measures designed to encourage more employees to share the ride to work or work from home (telework).  

A copy of the agency's plan should be kept on file for reference. Please download a blank Agency Travel Reduction Plan template (updated in 2022). 


Optional: Travel Reduction Coordinators may wish to include any or all of these optional activities in their individual agency site-specific Travel Reduction Plan to enhance efforts toward reaching their agencies' travel reduction goals:

  • Provide bike racks or similar lockup facilities.
  • Host zip code parties.
  • Recognize employees who rideshare.
  • Establish cooperation between management and employees who use an alternate mode in order to accommodate schedules.
  • Schedule presentations for employees to learn about ridesharing.
  • Promote ridesharing via special events.
  • Implement casual dress day on Fridays for those who use an alternate mode of transportation at least twice that week.