Travel Reduction Survey

ARS 49-588 requires all large employers in Maricopa County, including the State of Arizona, to conduct an annual survey of employee’s travel patterns. Employers are required to prepare an annual travel reduction plan to meet the mandate’s goal of reducing the rate of Single Occupant Vehicle (SOV) travel to no more than 60 percent of working commuters.

Progress toward this goal is measured by the annual Travel Reduction Survey. The state of Arizona administers this survey among state employees every year during the month of March. Maricopa County processes these surveys and an analysis of each site (a building or group of buildings with 50 or more employees who work at least three days per week , six months per year) is generated in the following weeks. These analyses provide a detailed picture of employee commute habits at their respective sites.  The analysis also sets travel reduction goals for future years.  Each agency’s survey data is utilized to evaluate the effectiveness of their Travel Reduction Plan and to ascertain the need for new or revised travel reduction strategies. 

Please note: employees working in virtual office status must complete the survey (instructions linked here) unless they live outside of Maricopa County.

2023 Survey 

The 2023 Annual Travel Reduction Survey, the state's 33rd survey year, has concluded. The state has a participation rate goal of 80 percent for each agency; the final response rate report (Excel and PDF) indicates the overall participation rate among employees at the agency. Only agencies with 11 or more employees are included in this report. Collectively, the state reached a participation rate of 85 percent.