The Arizona Travel Reduction Program Office

The Travel Reduction Program (TRP) Office, which provides travel reduction services branded as Capitol Rideshare, is a program mandated under ARS 49-588, a subsection of the Travel Reduction Program law.  This law requires all employers in Maricopa County with 50 or more employees to implement a plan to reduce the number of employees who drive alone to the work site to 60 percent or less of the agency’s total employee population (the Single Occupancy Vehicle rate).

To achieve this goal, the TRP Office implements a series of strategies to incentivize employees to use alternate modes. These employee incentives includes transit subsidies, vanpool subsidies, preferential parking for carpools, remote work agreements, and resources to assist employees who bike or use multiple modes to commute. Information about alternate modes available to employees is located under the Share the Ride menu on this site. Information specific to the state’s Remote Work Program is featured on the website State Administrative Rules govern the Travel Reduction Program.

To educate employees about the alternate modes available to them, TRP staff work closely with Travel Reduction Coordinators (Coordinators) at each agency, board and commission. Coordinators play an important role in helping their agencies reach compliance with the travel reduction law by promoting the travel reduction program within their respective agencies. Information about Coordinators and their role is located under the TRP Coordinator page on this site.

To measure progress in achieving the state’s 60 percent SOV goal, the state conducts an annual online survey of employee’s travel patterns. Survey data is packaged and sent to the Maricopa County Air Quality Department for analysis as required by law (the aggregated data sent to the county does not contain employees’ individually identifiable information). The county analyzes the data and sends progress reports to the state, which are used to revise the state's Annual Travel Reduction Plan (FY24) and its individual agencies. Information about the survey is available under the Travel Reduction Survey page on this site.

The Travel Reduction Program Office is operated by the Arizona Department of Administration and is funded by the Federal Highway Administration through the Maricopa Association of Governments and by the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality.

Please note: Capitol Rideshare staff is available for in-person meetings by appointment; please call 602-542-7433 to schedule.