Preferred parking permits

Capitol Rideshare is pleased to offer a FREE preferential Capitol Rideshare parking permit to all state employees in Maricopa County who carpool three or more days per week. This permit allows parking in reserved Capitol Rideshare spaces on the days that the driver carpools. To obtain a permit, the primary driver must enroll in Commuter Club powered by RideAmigos and indicate he/she carpools. Please provide all requested information and use your work email address when setting up your account. From the member dashboard, you can scroll down to the My Rewards section and select the parking pass icon and fill out the application.  The primary driver must include information for his/her carpool partner (the partner must be age 16 or older). Only one permit is issued per carpool, NO EXCEPTIONS. Failure to provide all information will result in delay or denial of the request. A permit will be assigned and sent via interoffice delivery to the primary driver’s  agency.

Per statute, employees eligible for the travel reduction program services are defined as an employee who works at or reports to a single work site during any twenty-four hour period for at least three days per week during at least six months of the year. Contractors are excluded.

How to obtain a Capitol Rideshare parking permit instructional video

Emergency Ride Home

Commuter Club membership provides a free ride home, twice each year, for unexpected emergencies (i.e., your carpool partner must leave unexpectedly). If the carpool partner (non-primary driver) is a state employee, he/she also should enroll in Commuter Club to receive this benefit. 

Ride matching services

RideAmigos offers the ability to find a carpool partner based on the employee’s work schedule and route. Because the Capitol Rideshare RideAmigos network is available exclusively to state employees, the potential carpool partners are other state employees.


During the months of May and June, Capitol Rideshare conducts the annual renewal process for Capitol Rideshare carpool parking permit holders. Regardless of when you received your permit, everyone must renew by June 30 for the next state fiscal year. To renew, carpoolers must have a current Commuter Club membership and a Capitol Rideshare carpool parking permit on record. Renewal stickers will be sent to the agency travel reduction coordinators, along with a list of employees in Commuter Club that have selected carpool as an alternate mode. Carpoolers who are renewing should contact their travel reduction coordinators directly.